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(One of my first public posts in a while. It'a mainly because I can't be bothered with ilovescimitars on Tumblr since that will be disappearing eventually... however long it takes me to properly make my own site.)


I know I seem to have a habit of going on about this so far with writing... apologies. If it's not working on Darkfang stuff, it's going to be these little frustrated scraps I can scribble out at the moment. I'm only about a year into this thing, so I don't exactly have much of my own personal experiences that I can verbalise much, and even if I did, I'm unsure of how much would be public (then again same for my otherkin friends who have clocked 10+ years since 'awakening', save for a few sentences or something). Anyway, I've been dealt enough dogmatic bullshit in my life that I can just point at it a mile away. Enjoy the pointing... or you can just ignore it :P.




In recent events, it seems that I have been called a 'psychological' dark elf just because I don't ascribe to a past life-oriented paradigm, which I find annoying out of it's many assumptions, so I'm going to make a brief ranty clarification. 


TL;DR - I'm not.


I personally don't think the realm of psychology has anything tangible or meaningful to offer to this other than a few ideas. 


The most important thing for me with this whole thing is that I'm introspective enough that whatever I'm experiencing that leads me to think these ways about myself seems consistent, self-sustaining and occurs without influence enough that I can consider a legitimate *thing*.


I don't consider human psychological theory nor believed past life experiences nor any other interpretational paradigm to be personally meaningful. It might give me a more tangible-feeling framework or some kind of story to offer, like 'I think it happened because of X and X things in my past, mixed with a bunch of other psychological inclinations' or 'I was called X and I was part of X race/tribe that lived on X and spoke X and ate X', but none of it is closer to any kind of common/non-personal truth, and neither does it feel like it has much for a personal truth for me. As mentioned before, in the department of otherkin, these are all just ideas or unverifiable feelings and they have to be believed in or have enough stock put into them to make them work, and I simply don't care much for any of them. I don't care especially as being a solid paradigm choice, like 'I'm considering my otherkin stuff to be related to X and absolutely nothing else', which is needlessly restrictive if you ask me.


I experience what I experience *now*, I'm just taking it as it is, and I'm just processing that in a way that is helpful to my life and conducive to my mental and emotional wellbeing. I've thought about the options and theories about the why or how and I've felt there is no real impact for me to particularly care in any way other than intellectual curiosity. (In case someone goes and tries to point at me and telling me that I'm claiming higher moral ground through some kind of agnosticism, I'm not, I just don't care for these things as much as you might for various personal reasons. Basically -- MY CHOICE.)


If you feel you must label me something, I suppose 'phenomenological' would possibly suffice. (At least it is harder to spell and pronounce...)


Binaries like this create a false narrative, drag people into bullshit where it doesn't even apply to them and undermines the value and exposure of individual, nuanced conclusions. There is much more to it than just 'spiritual' and 'psychological' camps. It's belittling to both concepts to be so simplistic, and it's belittling to other people and to general otherkin discourse, so just stop doing it please.

Even 'spiritual' here is mainly just used to refer to past life beliefs, which is a ridiculous generalisation in itself, one need not ascribe to past lives in order to have a 'spiritual' take on this. I'm not even personally sure how past life beliefs are completely inherently 'spiritual' anyways aside from the fact it requires belief in them and some kind of belief in souls and life after death, because these past life beliefs require supposed experiences of having past lives, therefore there is an experiential aspect.


It's not even like I'm not 'spiritual' in any way (and when I mean 'spiritual', I don't mean that I ascribe to the 'Traditional Otherkin Spiritual Activities', such as energywork, reiki, new agey stuff, etc. etc. thanks for the generalisations once again), I just don't feel like talking about it in public. And if you want to know my take on things, fucking ask me first.


Date: 2015-01-30 05:51 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] liryen
*stands up and slow claps*

YES. A thousand times, this.

I experience what I experience *now*, I'm just taking it as it is, and I'm just processing that in a way that is helpful to my life and conducive to my mental and emotional wellbeing

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Date: 2015-01-30 08:03 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] andros_b
"[...]one need not ascribe to past lives in order to have a 'spiritual' take on this." YES. Have another Internet, on me. <|^_^|>

Date: 2015-02-02 07:25 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] arethinn
*applauds* I like "phenomenological" - like, "for whatever reason, this is a thing that is happening." You probably know that I mostly frame my own experience spiritually, but I think there is a helping of this "phenomenological" approach for me as well, because they way I perceive myself as Fae Right Now is not actually a direct translation of any one existence/incarnation. That feeds into it, but there are also some components or feelings that seem to come from nowhere else but here-now.


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