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This year's Emoji spec update includes mage, fairy, vampire, merperson and elf. All of these have male/female versions and human skin tone variation. Expect to see these emoji in your phones, computers and apps later this year :D. http://emojipedia.org/emoji-5.0/
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We made this forum more than a year ago as an experiment with friends, with a very private registration system because we felt it was the only way we could have a reliably sensible space. We eventually realised that was probably unnecessary and it wasn’t working for the forum, so we’re opening up it up to the public.
Partly in honour of it’s original secrecy and because it sounds fun (and to make a really old community reference) we call it Darkfang Cabal.
As with our Chats, it’s 18+ only and has the same rules. Only members can read and post, so if you want to check it out, you have to register.
If you’re interested in a modern forum that’s mature, laid back and private, check it out :D.


Apr. 12th, 2017 10:51 pm
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 In the spirit of 'fuck it' I have a Mastodon account since it just came up on my radar. Idk what I'm gonna do with it other than be dumb and perhaps 'social'.

-> @dzuk@tusk.social

(this choice of domain name fills me with retarded glee)

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I was expecting that this particularly uncharacteristic move was going to have to happen sooner or later; Apple admitting that they screwed up in some way (for once). But the damage has probably already been done and 2019 is a long time away especially considering the length of time people have been strung out for and the fact that people have already been moving to Hackintoshes or Windows PCs, the latter of which is no trivial matter. I think Michael Tsai puts it pretty well by saying that Apple is too proud of itself to just ship a boring product that people want and instead prolong the pain more because they pathologically have to amaze people. What are they even going to say? 'Wow, this has PCI ports! So revolutionary!' You really don't have to tart it up, nobody cares at this point.

At least macOS for pros has somewhat of a future right now, especially given that Nvidia has announced they are going to make Mac drivers for their Pascal GPUs, so Hackintosh users no longer have a GPU dead end.

(I guess it's worth adding that I'm not really the target market for a Mac Pro because their processors are insanely overpowered for me; my needs are mainly all about real-time GPU performance and memory than processing, something Macs have been historically terrible at. I don't think Apple would ever release a Mac that has specs suitable for me because even if the 2019 Pro will get good RT performance, paying $1000 more for a Xeon I don't need is kind of dumb, but what happens to Pro-level Macs pertains to the future of macOS for my needs, and that is very very important.)
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While I'm investigating web frameworks, I've written about some of my plans for Archive in case anyone has any suggestions for improvement, things that might be good to add, etc.

There will be more in the coming weeks and I'll cross-post the links to them here since Dreamwidth doesn't have image hosting.
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(crossposted from Tumblr, albeit in a time-advanced fashion)

[thoughts 2]
  • Gonna find an existing/new categorical label to replace ‘otherkin’ for me personally… even if I felt it was categorically applicable, I think it’s too tied to pagan/new age culture to be useful and not be a generally alienating experience or to be a useful signpost for the non-spiritual (I still feel alienated from communities even when they aren't stupid because our beliefs/experiences are so different).
  • Efforts and experiments have already been made, but Darkfang will be getting a rebrand, and that direction will be moving away from specifically appropriating symbols used by new age/pagan culture, to provide a more broader feeling/idea of what nonhumanity/whatever can be. The appropriation was very intentional, but I feel in hindsight that was a mistake, especially given my own inclinations; the whole point was to have intellectually broader horizons, not represent newer iterations on the same ideologies.

And then there were three

I have released a chat specifically for non-spiritual nonhuman-ish people, called H~. (chats.darkfang.org/h/). Will do some flashy release post thing for it on Tumblr soon (that I will be posting on various public tags, but not otherkin).

(Launched in dedication of a special someone who believed that people like me would have nothing to talk about.)
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I left the chats I started a couple of years ago and they generally fell into disrepair over the years. We've decided that that was a shame and I have come back to the project and we have revived them. We've also done a whole lot more too. The entire announcement detailing the changes is here on our new Tumblr account.


Mar. 2nd, 2017 11:51 pm
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Finally using an avatar I fucking drew that isn't a scribble. I have actually improved a decent amount at drawing to feel comfortable doing this. It isn't 100% because it's from some character sheet and not a *real* illustration, but I'll get that straightened later. 


Mar. 1st, 2017 10:13 pm
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I said to someone a while back that I wasn't gonna use my Tumblr account anymore. I've changed my mind :P.

It's mainly to prop up an official Darkfang account we intend to use in the future for updates and notifications about Darkfang services. I'll probably say the occasional thing on my account, but I'm not sure how much of a use I'll have for it.

It's at dzukhaerun.tumblr.com (same blog as mikhto, just renamed). The current Darkfang account (might change it's username in a few weeks if I can find a nicer-sounding arrangement) is at darkfang-org.tumblr.com.
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Spent many days last week dealing with the aftermath of opening the Pandora's box that is trying to give my Hackintosh the yearly OS upgrade (the stuff that makes my Hackintosh pretend it's a Mac needed reconfiguring to make macOS Sierra work). It's stable again and I have my life back. It consoled me to know that it isn't just fake Macs that have been suffering from crashes and kernel panics lately.
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The other day I learned that Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is a thing.

Search for a video of the entire final boss battle for a more lengthy, cathartic beat-down.

(FTR; this game came out many years ago)
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~~~ One of the rare public posts on my DW account that isn't about Darkfang shit ~~~

I realised the other day that I'm an orc now instead of a dark elf.
The decision process was weirdly quick (a few minutes max), but there was a long trail before that made it really obvious in hindsight and also in hindsight, dark elf hadn't been making much sense for years, I'm not sure if it ever fully did. I don't know how this one will work out but it feels a lot better right now.
It's quite interesting how what seems obvious in some superficial way ends up not being the thing I guess? Anyway, that's that. And I'm a classy orc BTW, none of that melted face and total carnage shit.


BTW, not that anyone cared and not that I was using it anyway, but my LiveJournal account is deactivated and will be dead in 60 days as per everyone's advice. Also, my old domain name mikh.to is dead now because I had no interest in renewing it. I'm pretty sure it had nothing on it anyway.
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Darkfang Archive

I think it's probably obvious by now, but I've once again frozen Darkfang Archive development as it was going nowhere unfortunately.

I am learning a new web framework that is actually decent and flexible and won't be a mess (no promises, but late 2017/2018 seems to be the current mental timeline). It's a real shame, but it was seriously becoming a game of incredibly diminishing returns, and every step towards completion took exponentially longer.

The new version will by default allow for collaborative editing, which will be great. It will never be a wiki, but trusted individuals can join in with the data entry and conservation efforts. The old version will still be around, no matter how outdated it is right now (wish I wasn't contributing to the pile of outdated sites out there, but that's the way things go, I suppose).

Darkfang Chats

Still going, still manned.
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(I would like to be clear that I’m not going to start clogging people’s pipes with the same post every other day or something, I’m only giving important updates exactly like I would way back when I’d actually post about other things publicly on here, heh.)
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(I know this DW is publicly quiet, *shrugs*.)

We have now moved Darkfang Archive to archive.darkfang.org, and it is now on much better hosting. It should no longer suffer from severe performance issues. We will be eventually removing the old .net site, but having some sort of redirect from the .net domain in it's place (at least for the time being) so it keeps old links intact.

darkfang.org generally is the new and permanent home of Darkfang stuff (although we don’t actually have anything on darkfang.org itself right now). We have been really grateful for our friend who owns darkfang.net for letting us use that domain for things, but we felt it was best to move onto a domain of our own so we can do more things and have free reign over the settings and such.

The next version of Archive is still in very slow progress. Towards the end of development, but not done yet. x_x
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Darkfang Archive may be inaccessible sometime this month for 24-48 hours. This is due to stuff relating to the domain, but because it’s not my domain I can’t schedule this, so just beware.

I'm also aware that in general the performance of Darkfang Archive can be really really bad, and that is to do with the hosting. I will be changing this soon.
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Finally migrated the Darkfang chat information to mikh.to/darkfang-chats/. Very barebones, but at least it’s off Tumblr for now and I’ll work on it later. I don’t intend on keeping it on mikh.to indefinitely, but I don’t have direct access to the Darkfang domain so it was just a lot easier for me to push it there first.

If you have any page or lists that linked to the original EDMC page at mikhto.tumblr.com/edmc/, please change it. (The original is still intact as a safety net, but just to keep things tidy and such.)

The next super-awesome version of Darkfang Archive is still in the works, it’s just that I’m working various bugs out of the design unfortunately. I always undershoot with the date estimations...
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*sighs* alright, so the whole thing about not feeling like I was otherkin ended up proving itself false a few weeks after I made that statement rather ironically. I guess that's emotions for you *shrugs*. I think it was just the emotional shit I was dealing with at the time, made worse by various people I had to deal with. Still not in any social spaces as I'm still just not interested.

Things have been as externally eventful with me as usual (nothing), but I'm still working a lot on myself, clearing more scraps of my former depression (I've been on a very slow mend the last 2 years since university, so it's hard to tell where it's ended, but I don't consider myself *there* anymore for very good reasons), and pushing myself into more positive directions. I recently got my ears pierced (outer helix cartilage). I am trying to draw more, and I'm trying to program apps (both things I never really show anybody, and it will likely stay that way for a long time, but trust me, these are things I do more than one random image every few months), but it's often hard finding passion or a routine to keep me going. it doesn't help that I usually still can't sleep properly.

With drawing, I'm failing to express myself, because I have a long-standing fear of expressing myself creatively, which means I don't get interested as much as I should, and with programming, I find myself often frustrated and intimidated. I've considered socialising with other illustrators/artists since I thought it might be good to have people to talk to who are also interested in those fields, etc., but for a litany of reasons, I feel it's possibly better to not bother.

The design of the Darkfang Archive update I had showed many months ago (which I had planned to release this summer) ended up not working at all, so I needed to conceptualise and build a new design from scratch, and this one is coming along very well. I can see this being a core design that will last a long time. I don't know when it will be released, maybe sometime in November. I've also realised the way I was curating for Darkfang Archive was unfair to some items, to put it lightly, so sometime after that design update is out I will go back over DFA's content and do a bunch of revisions.

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Does anyone have any recommendations for tarot books? I don’t know the variety of styles of interpretation available, but I would like to focus more on the histories of their meanings and how they developed over time, and I’d rather keep away from more purely abstract/symbolic interpretations, particularly ones you can see in certain occult circles (ie. gender, astrological, elemental, etc.) unless they are actually relevant to the histories of the cards. Preferably, I would rather something that is available as an eBook (even more preferable if it’s available DRM-free, but I have ways to break DRM so it usually won’t be a problem for me).
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